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The Best Products to Soothe and Calm Fidgety Kids

Munkins weighted bears and aromatherapy bears are the best products we have to soothe and calm fidgety, restless kids.

We have a great selection of products that I use with my own children when they’re over hyperactive or stressed and need a little extra support. 

Munkins weighted bears are ultra-soft; made from luxury furs and fabric and each one has its own unique personality because they are handmade with love.

Weighted bears are much more cuddly than our original Munkin bears. Weighted stuffed animals are proven to help with serotonin levels in your little one’s body.

Serotonin is super important for adults and kids. It regulates your mood and makes it easier to relax. Serotonin is needed for your body to create melatonin which is the sleepy chemical in your body. 

And us moms could use all the extra calm sleepy vibes we can get for our kids, am I right??

weighted stuffed animals

Our weighted bears and aromatherapy bears are great for any child, but they are especially beneficial if your child struggles with ADHD, Autism, or a sensory processing disorder. 

Aromatherapy is effective because smells can actually affect emotions and hormones. A lot of my Munkin families already know how beneficial essential oils are for the entire family. 

Good quality essential oils help with allergies, respiratory support, immune system support, focus, sleep, behavior, and emotional stress. Add them to our aromatherapy bears and you have the best comforting friend your little one could have. 

essential Oil Bear

I make a special blend of EO’s that I call Wild Child. I especially like using this blend before bedtime because it helps my kids sleep in. Then I get some extra time to work and accomplish things around the house, which is really nice. 

And I will not leave my house without my Wild Child blend. It makes for a much smoother outing with three hyper kiddos. Talk about a lifesaver! 

Our cuddly aromatherapy bears have a felt teddy diffuser where you add your favorite essential oil blend for a good night’s sleep, a stressful outing, or a trip to grandma’s house. 

With Munkins weighted teddy bears and aromatherapy teddy bears, your kids will have the comfort they need when struggling with difficult emotions. To learn more about our different essential oil blends and bears contact us at info@munkinsstudio.com.

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